Case study logotherapy

Peer-reviewed studies on logotherapy process, measures, and research new case studies using logotherapy and existential analysis in diverse settings papers advocating cross-disciplinary collaboration. Case study james was a 67-year old lawyer who still maintained a small legal office his wife, mary, was an in-house corporate lawyer working for a large insurance company. Logotherapy oriented treatment program is thought to be efficient in reducing the hesitation numbers of the stutterers key words: logotherapy, treatment program, stuttering, case study. In fourth chapter i offer a few case studies the first case study is about mother teresa of calcutta the heavenly co-patroness of ecec mother teresa is the best case to study of the meaning making process in her life through the self sacrificing service.

case study logotherapy Graber includes case studies that clearly show the practical applications of logotherapy of particular note is her logoanchor technique as counselors in all fields find themselves dealing with an aging population facing ultimate questions, this book is an excellent resource.

Existential psychotherapy is a form of psychotherapy which aims at enhancing your self-knowledge and allos you to be the author of your own life - though others might answer the question. Viktor frankl logotherapy was established by a psychiatrist who identified with existentialism, known as viktor frankl logotherapy is an approach that seeks to identify what one's purpose in life or for existences is, followed by seeking to fulfill that meaning (frankl, 1962. This book presents four case studies of obsessions and compulsions, which illustrate the sources, effects, and treatment of these disorders zimbardo, p g, & leippe, m r (1991) the psychology of attitude change and social influence.

Case study (30%) write up a clinical case study (approximately 2000 words) from an mt perspective, including case description, diagnosis, treatment, outcome, and a segment of transcribed therapeutic conversation. Basic principles the notion of logotherapy was created with the greek word logos (meaning) frankl's concept is based on the premise that the primary motivational force of an individual is to find a meaning in life. Case study of harold (chris wurm) harold was a middle-aged australian whose life was rapidly spiralling out of control as well as a drinking problem he had financial problems- not helped by the amount he spent on drink - and was under considerable stress at work. These case studies are used as the basis for logotherapist who holds both the diplomate in logotherapy and a doctorate in a cognate field of counseling psychology. Logotherapy essays: over 180,000 logotherapy essays, logotherapy term papers, logotherapy research paper, book reports 184 990 essays, term and research papers available for unlimited access.

Logotherapy is a method of counselling that focuses on the quest for meaning the four existential fundamental motivations: frankl considered the search for meaning to be the deepest motivation. Logotherapy is a decades-old psychotherapeutic approach developed by viktor frankl the driving force behind logotherapy is the idea that human beings are most motivated by a search for meaning, indicating that the meaning of life is the biggest question on our minds and the biggest stressor on our. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of paradoxical intention in a contemporary outpatient community mental health center paradoxical intention is applied in three, one-hour sessions to a patient diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder and suffering from intrusive thoughts of. The awareness of death as a basic human condition gives significance to living distinguishing human characteristics is the ability to grasp the reality of future and the inevitability of death. Real therapy is a novel approach that merges rational emotive and logotherapy techniques in a creative manner for families this model teaches skills aimed at enhancing meaning and attachment in the family, building social literacy skills and personal insight through emotion recognition, and addressing negative thinking patterns through evidence testing.

Existential analysis (and its subsidiary branch, logotherapy), is a psychotherapeutic method, which works primarily through verbally induced processes. While experiences in a concentration camp is the longest portion of the book and an extreme case study, logotherapy in a nutshell formally introduces frankl's school of thought the term logotherapy is derived from logos the greek word for meaning. With the help of case study reports and his own session dialogues with patients, frankl explains how logotherapy and its techniques can be employed for all types of neuroses (psychogenic, noogenic, and somatogenic) and disorders like schizophrenia and manic-depression. Case study 1: noticing in a dream bill presented the following dream during his ninth logotherapy treatment inter- view: i was working with a bunch of men in a coal mine. Excerpt from case study : existential counseling case study the given case is an adequate account of a life of an individual in an unlikely situation the case speaks about a thirty eight years old woman michelle.

Case study logotherapy

Empirical studies support an association between poor meaning in life and mental health problems (kinnier et al, 1994) in addition to high meaning in life and psychological well being (zika & chamberlain, 1992. A longitudinal case study of graduate school as logotherapy for an international phd student studying in the united states [electronic version] international journal of existential psychology and psychotherapy 3(2), 83-109. The subject classification scheme of logotherapy is based on a study done by dr chaim zins (department of human services) and prof david guttmann (school of social work), faculty of social welfare and health studies, university of haifa, mount carmel, haifa, 31905, israel. I'm currently a college student writing a research paper based on a case study, and the child i was given has 'present but absent parents' and your article gave me a much better understanding of what could be happening and the effects of what could happen to the child.

  • To write a case study, start with an introduction that defines key terms, outlines the problem your case study addresses, and gives necessary background information you can also include photos or a video if they will help your work to be more persuasive.
  • In logotherapy the patient is confronted with and reoriented toward the meaning of his/her life (frankl, 1985) [return to index page] [background] [key concepts] [case study] [treatment] [references.
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Existential psychotherapy is a style of therapy that places emphasis on the human condition as a whole existential psychotherapy uses a positive approach that applauds human capacities and.

case study logotherapy Graber includes case studies that clearly show the practical applications of logotherapy of particular note is her logoanchor technique as counselors in all fields find themselves dealing with an aging population facing ultimate questions, this book is an excellent resource.
Case study logotherapy
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